Lesson Description:

This gold gesso produced by Daniel Smith was introduced and loved, then they discontinued the product and happily it is now back and all artists are rejoicing. You can use this product as a ground for your watercolors. You will experience some resist but you will love your results. I like to combine the gold gesso with my traditional watercolor subjects because it adds a little bling.

  1. Draw any subject with an HB pencil. I find fruit or vegetables to be a colorful and perfect subject for this team of unique materials. I choose radishes for my demo because our son has a restaurant called the Fat Radish and this leafy, colorful subject with a trailing root is a perfect subject. Treat the subject like an abstract design, carefully overlapping and interlocking the shapes throughout the composition.
  2. Design and paint in a dark path of color behind and around your subject negatively to create a strong contrast.
  3. Paint gesso in all other background areas making sure to have a lost edge as it leads into the dark path.
  4. Paint the subject by setting the shape and dropping in the color. Enrich the color harmonically.
  5. Here is where the fun really begins, using a metallic spray and a stencil, place the stencil in a position to help construct a subtle background. Really enhances the composition, because you are so close to your work, be careful of the overspray. It is best to spray outside and wear a mask.
Materials List