Please note: The Gift Bag is no longer available and was part of the first e-course
Lesson Description:

Negative painting of Morning Glories. The intertwining leaves make this flower perfect for learning negative painting.

This painting starts with a drawing on Arches 140# paper using an HB pencil, (in your gift bag).  The paper is then wet on both sides and colors are selected that do not move in water.  I used  Aureolin yellow, Permanent rose and manganese blue.

When dry, draw in more shapes and paint around your drawn foliage with a mid tone green color, I used quinacridone gold and Antwerp blue.

When dry, draw in more foliage shapes and paint around these shapes with a darker value green using Quinacridone burnt orange and Antwerp blue.

Paint flowers by wetting half of the flower and adding quinacridone rose and French Ultramarine  blue.  Move the color so it mimics the shape of the flower.  When dry do the other side.

At the very end, paint in some positive shapes.

The entire focus of this lesson is negative painting by layering transparent watercolor.