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Lesson Description:

Karlyn draws this scene from the Placa in Athens, Greece to demonstrate two-point perspective. This is when parallel lines along the width and depth of an object meet at two points on the horizon.  Establishing the horizon line or eye level is the first thing that you must determine.  After you have figured out the horizon line, grab your HB pencil and begin your drawing.   

To create the shadows, mix together cobalt blue and Windsor orange to make a gray.  Use more orange in the sunny areas and more blue in the shadow areas.  Use more water for a lighter gray and less water for a darker value.

The foliage has more vibrancy if you apply the yellows and blues and allow them to mix on the paper.  Place primary yellow first, then Quinacridone gold and finally the Antwerp blue.  Mixing Quinacridone Burnt Orange and Antwerp blue will make that dark green needed for the final details.  The sky area was wet first and then French Ultramarine blue was applied next to the buildings.