Jonathan Walburg


“I use beach-sand from the South Shores of Lake Superior mixed into porcelain. This creates random black spots from the iron-rich sand.  The local clay is also iron-rich and is mixed into the clay or glaze creating rich dark greens, reds, browns and blacks.  I make traditional ash-glazes from local Maple and Oak trees. My ingredients are simple and I hope to create a voice of the area.

It’s so fun using the local materials and anticipating what they have to say and the colors they create.  I love all the spots made from the beach sand and the rich darks and reds from the local clay.  I also enjoy the idea of loving an area and taking it home with you to enjoy every day – “A piece of here on your table.”

My technique and methods are influenced by my apprenticeship at the St. John’s Pottery in Minnesota (2004-06) under Richard Bresnahan, studies in Karatsu, Japan (2006-10) and Ulsan, Korea (2010).   These experiences nurtured a love of clay, the use of local materials, clay history, and wood-kilns.  I create on a Japanese-style wooden kick wheel and processes local clays and ashes for pottery-use in my home just south of Bayfield in Washburn, WI.  Visit me at Karlyn Yellowbird Gallery in Washburn, WI. “

– Jonathan Walburg

Jonathan Walburg

Jonathan Walburg

Jonathan’s Pottery

“A little piece of Lake Superior on your table.”

Simple ingredients.
Beach-sand from Lake Superior in porcelain.
Iron spots from the superior sand.
Local clays add reds, browns and blacks.
Glaze of melted ash from locally harvested trees.

Jonathan Walburg makes pots
Jonathan Walburg Pottery and Ceramics
Jonathan Walburg Pottery and Ceramics
Jonathan Walburg Ceramic Art
Jonathan Walburg Pottery
Jonathan Walburg ceramic mugs
Jonathan Walburg Ceramics
Jonathan Walburg in his studio

You can find Jonathan’s pottery at Karlyn Yellowbird Gallery and find him working his craft at the Washburn Art Space.

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